Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a makeup artist?  Can I even afford one?

Since wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime and the majority of them will show your face, it is not a frivolous expense, it’s an investment! After all the planning, the pinning and the picking, the last thing you want is to hate how you look in every wedding photo for years to come. While cost shouldn’t be the only criteria you look at before hiring an artist, it must be considered. An artist’s professionalism, continuing education, and experience can vary tremendously and will reflect in their pricing structure, portfolio, and business practices.

Bridal and beauty photography makeup needs are different than everyday applications. That means that although your products might look great to the naked eye, certain ingredients can create a flash back against professional camera lighting. Protect the investment you have already made by budgeting for an artist who is licensed, insured and specializes in their craft.


What should I look for when selecting an artist for my wedding?

Just as in any profession, makeup artists can specialize in a number of areas. Those who work with brides exclusively will understand their needs better than an artist who works with runway models or for print advertising. In addition to providing beautiful makeup in the style requested, a bridal artist must be mobile, be able to work with unpredictable lighting and space in various settings (hotel rooms or wedding venue dressing rooms), adhere to a tight schedule, and remain calm, relaxed and supportive for nervous brides experiencing the occasional pre-ceremony meltdown.


 What is unique about Make Dash?

Working with brides doesn’t feel like work to us at all. We get a great sense of satisfaction from helping a bride discover the most beautiful version of herself. As a highly trained and certified beauty artist, Kunya specializes in makeup services for bridal and HD photography. Licensed and insured, her services are trusted by some of the area’s best wedding planners and photographers to provide on-location services.

  • The Standard: We uphold the highest of standards; additional artists and vendors are carefully chosen to work with us. We specialize in unparalleled bridal attention and service.
  • The Experience: We are always in-the-know about the beauty industry and keep up with the latest styles and trends.  We use only the most high-end products and will take into account how makeup translates onto camera.
  • Reliable Business:  We are 100% licensed and insured
  • One-Stop-Shop: We have a preferred vendor list of top notch services; makeup, wedding planning, decoration, and even photography. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest, going above and beyond so you can be worry-free.


What kind of makeup does Makeup Dash use?

We take pride in using highest quality, professional grade cosmetics. One cosmetic brand does not make the best of everything. Most of the brand names in my kit are not ones you will recognize as they are considered professional, not consumer, brands. These brands offer the most beautiful finish, the best longevity, and the highest performance. We use carefully selected products from Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills, AJ Crimson, Graftobian, RCMA, Inglot, Temptu, and M•A•C Pro to name a few. We are always testing new products, but only the best make it into our kit. We also use some disposable applicators, sanitized brushes, and follow cleanliness standards for client safety.


What if I don’t normally wear makeup?

​The majority of our clients don’t usually wear a full face of makeup daily. We aim for a polished look that matches the style and theme of your event. The application is customized to the type of look each client desires, so you are comfortable in your skin.


Is a bridal preview consultation required?

​It is recommended that bridal clients schedule a preview consultation. It is an opportunity for us to become acquainted, preview your desired makeup look, and ensure that both are a good fit for your special day.


How far in advance should I book your services?

The sooner the better! 6-8 months in advance is typical for weddings, but a year or more isn’t out of the question.


Do you have a studio? Do you come to me? 

Yes and yes! Consultations, trial runs, bridal portraits and all other “pre-wedding” appointments are usually done in-studio, located in Birmingham. On wedding days we come to you! If you need customized options, we are happy to provide that for you.


Do you travel?

Yes! Trusting an unknown destination wedding vendor can be quite unnerving. With nominal travel and/or lodging, you can take Make Dash with you.